Greetings, I am a 3D Artist and programmer focused on games and game assets. I have been training to develop 3D assets for computer games for years. I started my career as an architect and while working developed a love for creating buildings I could import into my favorite city sim games. Since then I have focused on learning to create environmental assets with specific style guides in mind. I have also studied anatomy and dedicated portions of my study to character modeling, rigging and animation. I currently teach many of these techniques to students online which gives me extensive access to all manner of issues that arise in the creation of assets for games and other fields as well.

I have also developed code for personal Unity 3D game projects using c# with a focus on functionality and mechanics. I started out coding websites for personal use, portfolios, and forum mods. Once I began focusing on making 3D game assets I also started learning vector programming in unreal and unity3D. I have created 3 titles to date which are personal projects, and have dealt with the coding for the character controller, camera controller, interaction with other objects, the user interface, playing animations, some audio and also an achievement system.

My goal is to find a suitable entry level job which will allow me to broaden my exposure to the field and allow me to contribute all I do know to the release of a quality game.

Thank you for your time!

Joseph Burrows