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• The Process •

Phase 1 : Project Setup

     The initial phase is collecting project materials. This is the key phase to the entire process. Information collected at this point allows for the most ideal rendering and one that is as you desire. Floor Plans, sketches, and images of props are gathered in preparation for the rendering.

Phase 2 : Initial Modeling

     During the intial modeling phase, the basic elements of the scene are constructed. The basic rendering is presented for approval with camera angles and general elements of the scene but without complex lighting. Textures will be included during this level of construction only if Azmundai is to select the character of the surfaces. Sample textiles are presented at this time if Azmundai is not selecting the textures.

Phase 3 : Texturing and Lighting

     The final lighting and surface characters will be finalized. Renderings are presented for final approval.

Phase 4 : Final Revisions

     Outputting of the final rendering will be completed, and the product will be prepared for final delivery.

     The time scale for projects can vary somewhat depending on the complexity and the number or views. The time scale can also vary depending on the speed and efficiency of the input you provide during the phases as described above. It is highly recommended that you plan ahead and are able to supply all of the materials for the project up front.

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